Kids’ 24-Hour Kits

Teton Family Magazine / Winter 2011-12

Children’s well being is important. At home there is family to keep kids safe. When kids are at school their security transfers to their teachers and the staff.

We don’t think about them often, but there are circumstances that could necessitate sheltering at school overnight. Severe weather events, an earthquake, flood or landslide might close roads or take out bridges between school and home.

Most schools have water, emergency rations, first aid and sanitary supplies enough for at least three days. For each child to have a personal 24-hour kit could allow a layer of comfort if they are kept at school for a night away from their homes. This is especially true of younger children. Knowing those kits are prepared and in place may bring some peace of mind to all family members.

Kits would be assembled at the beginning of the school year. A large zip lock bag labeled with each student’s name and information including contact information and medical alerts would be sent home with an explanatory note enclosed.

For the personal component of their kits photos of their families and favorite pets would be added. A note in their parent’s own handwriting would also be among the items in the bags when they are returned to classrooms.

Identical general supplies would be added to each bag before they are all stacked into five gallon buckets, covered and stored along side the teachers’ classroom supplies. Many community organizations and businesses are likely to step forward to offer donations appropriate to their domains if they are made aware of the 24-hour kit project.

If the need ever arises, each child will have something of his own to allow a feeling of protection. Everyone would probably still be less than comfortable but they could keep warm. They wouldn’t be in the dark. They would have a bit of autonomy and a way to express their feelings and document their surroundings.

The general supplies for each kit includes:

Small bottled water
Energy bar
Fruit roll-up
Small pack tissues
Small notebook, pencil and sharpener
Space blanket
Tiny flashlight
Small game or puzzle
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Wet Wipes


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