I have been involved in the personal care industry for more than ten years. My care giving career began as a personal chef for a client and transformed over the months to managing every aspect of my elderly client’s life. I discovered that by focusing on the older person’s comfort, happiness, and serenity is good for the elderly, and reduces stress for the caregiver. The insights that I have received from hands-on experience led me to write Lessons From a Caregiver. Through the process of writing the book, a learned a lot  about how to bring assured calm and comfort to the lives of those who care for others.

While Bru continues to write insightful posts and articles, she also conducts presentations, leads classes in cargiving and gives private consultations to teach care givers how to bring “care” back into care giving. Please contact Bru for more information.

Caregiving Tip: Enticing someone to eat

To entice someone to eat, it is okay to go outside the boundaries. Perhaps this person only likes breakfast. Great! You have lots of choices… Offer and serve any kind of breakfast, lunch or dinner the person wants any time of day. From Lessons from a Caregiver.


Unaswered Questions

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At the end of a recent reading and book signing event, a woman approached me with some earnest questions. “Can you help me find answers about how to care for my father?” She shared that her parents live in California where many social services have been cut for budgetary reasons. Her mom has been caring for her father who has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The father has become difficult to handle. The mother is now too exhausted and burned out to be a compassionate caregiver. Three daughters, who all care about both of their...

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I started with great vigor and enthusiasm as the last of the snows flew through the air in the springtime. I pictured myself as unstoppable, so excited was I to help create a dialogue about care giving. After the tiny little launch with a virtual bottle of champagne over the virtual bow of my new space, I set out for a Hospice Foundation of America conference in Salt Lake City. It was incredible for me, the caring people I met and learnings I still will share. The topic was Spirituality and the End of Life. I will be getting to...

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An authentic voice delivers priceless caregiving tips

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  Comfort, Care and Nourishment are the heart of my work and philosophy. As a baker, restauranteur and caterer, I have brought quality ingredients and attention to detail in the making and serving of delicious foods. My career evolved into personal chef and shopper to keep households running smoothly and families well fed. That is how my jobs in caregiving to the elderly and infirmed began, first in nourishment, then in loving care for those who need it. Lessons from a Caregiver’s intent is to bring assured calm and comfort to the lives...

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Compassionate Caregiving Conversations

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Lessons from a Caregiver, my book on elder care, came into being because of the unending stream of queries that has come my way from care givers, family members, elders and even health care professionals. It used to be culinary advise. Now it has expanded. When a friend asked, “Why don’t you write a book that shares what you’ve been learning?” I started getting excited about the possibility of helping others caring for elders, ill or injured patients. The process of writing and publishing a book is an exquisite mixture of excitement...

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