Wild Things

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Jackson Hole Magazine Winter 2011-2012   Chefs’ Tips for Cooking Prime cuts need to be cooked rapidly by searing or grilling to seal in the juices. Do not cook past medium rare. Season wild game with what the animals eat such as rosemary, juniper and sage. Cook wild game with butter as the meat tends to be very lean. The butter fattens it up a little bit. Keep it simple with salt and pepper for seasonings. The lack of fat ensures game will cook faster. The fat on beef acts as an insulator so heat must penetrate this insulation before...

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Kids’ 24-Hour Kits

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Teton Family Magazine / Winter 2011-12   Children’s well being is important. At home there is family to keep kids safe. When kids are at school their security transfers to their teachers and the staff. We don’t think about them often, but there are circumstances that could necessitate sheltering at school overnight. Severe weather events, an earthquake, flood or landslide might close roads or take out bridges between school and home. Most schools have water, emergency rations, first aid and sanitary supplies enough for at least three...

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Live Kitchen

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Teton Family Magazine | Fall 2011 There are many reasons to nudge your kitchen down the path toward living foods. Budget tightening might require cutting back on spending. You might be caught up in an awareness of how much unnecessary trash your eating habits produce. Suddenly you listen to your body and you hear it screaming for a change. You may be working to solve a mystery about food allergies for yourself or a family member. It might just be curiosity. What exactly does “live food” mean? Live foods are not something trendy or new....

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Italian Cuisine (r)Evolution

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Jackson Hole Magazine | Summer 2011 View article at > America has long had a love affair with Italian cooking. That’s easy to understand. It’s too delicious and comforting and sensual to resist. Our picture is pizza or spaghetti with meatballs, candles in basket wrapped chianti bottles, maybe eggplant or chicken parmesean, with great disparity among the spellings of the cheese from Parma. Getting a handle on the multi-faceted explosion of what is happening in the world of contemporary Italian cuisine takes some...

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