Be Ready (72 Hour Kit)

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Teton Home and Living | Spring 2011 View article at > The first time emergency preparedness appeared on my personal radar screen was shortly after the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. That temblor, which became known as the World Series Quake, occurred in San Francisco Bay on October 17, as the San Francisco Giants played the Oakland A’s in Candlestick Park. Television networks with national feeds were there to cover the World Series and covered the earthquake instead. The blimp overhead broadcast pictures of a section...

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On Hand (A Well-Stocked Pantry)

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Teton Family Magazine | Winter 2010 View article as published, starting on page 24 > The On Hand of the title does not refer to tattoos, manicures, jewelry or even the intricate henna designs applied to women’s hands for Hindu festivals. This On Hand is a reference to the manner a household is organized for both convenience and economy. When you are the one who provides the household with daily comfort and nourishment, it’s good to have ease and options. What is in your pantry and cupboards, your root cellar, refrigerator and freezer...

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JH Magazine | Winter 2007 Being a pastry chef is about more than perfect endings. Pastries have their own sensibilities, their own timing. Mostly pastries are made in batches or a gigantic masterpiece commanding enormous amounts of time and attention. Pastry chefs are a part of every large restaurant or hotel kitchen, yet are a background support that quietly complements the work of producing plates for waiting diners. Sometimes they have a space of their own within the kitchen. Often they are the dedicated artists who work the odd hours when...

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Putting Up Peaches

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  Teton Home & Living | Autumn 2007 The torments of my childhood summers now deliver quiet pleasure to all of my seasons. As children, my brothers and I dreaded the inevitable annual regimens. They were announced by my parents, “Don’t make any plans for this weekend. We’re freezing corn.” Or beans or peas or asparagus. There was variety in the ultimata: making applesauce, tomato juice, tomato sauce, or canned tomatoes called “stewies”. Much of the picking of berries and vegetables was designated to the males. As many other...

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